I meant to get back to this sooner

Oh, well.  Life has been much.

Thinking through the fall knitting.  So many possible projects flowing through my mind.

I am finishing up Augusta.  Ripped back the two fronts to the armholes because I found a short cable crossing on the one I had already finished.  Knitting the two at the same time, which is easy, but not portable.

I also have the edging to do on the Beltane shawl from the Kelbourne Woolens May Knit a Long.  That got totally put aside when summer classes started. It’s taken a start or two, but the edging is on its way.  I love the pattern and the yarn.  Happy impulse.

Took Cal Patch’s Leggings and Tunic workshops a weekend ago.  Amazing! Love the leggings.  Still need to rip the seams on the tunic muslin, get it right and then sew in the black denim that I have.

Also want to do some t-shirts from the creativebug workshops.  Get the fitting right on a machine sewn version and then go for the full Alabama Chanin version.

Too many things to want to do!


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